2016-2017 Veritas Leadership Team

Chris & Donna Burton

Ramon & Lora Cavanna

Gerrin & Robin Chenault

Mark & Cindy Muse

Home-Educated - An eligible club member must be a homeschooled student whose education is managed by his parent(s) or legal guardian(s). An eligible competitor’s education may include the use of tutors, video courses, Internet courses, college correspondence courses, dual-credit classes, classes in cooperation with other homeschool students, and other creative methods that supplement home education.
We serve students who will be age 13 to 18 on September 1, 2016 and have not graduated from high school.  In addition, younger siblings age
8-12 of a registered older student may join the club to participate in our Junior Speech only program which meets at the same time and location of the older students.

Please understand we do not serve homeschooled students who have graduated from high school or who are enrolled in a full-time college-level degree program,  nor public junior high/high school & private school students.

Veritas is a NOT a drop off class, but rather a competitive speech and debate club. Participation does require parent involvement.  Our students are required to compete in the NCFCA ( and have the freedom to  compete in any other venues of their choosing.

About Veritas Communications Club

"Speech and debate has taught me to coherently convey my position on a subject, and has dramatically raised my confidence levels and skill in communication.  Veritas has provided the ultimate support in teaching all of these things, and I can honestly say joining the club was one of the best decisions of my school career."

Milly K., Student

We Serve

Excellence>>  Since its inception in 2009, Veritas Communications Club has been and is fully committed to excellence in three key areas, focus on Christ and standing for the truth, the competitive arena and the educational value for each and every student.  Most every student begins with little knowledge about speech and debate, however over the course of the year through instruction, practice and competition, each student’s growth is often times nothing short of amazing. Veritas has a proven track record based upon solid teaching methods which lay the foundation of success when coupled with a students desire to reach excellence.  We look forward to working with your family to achieve truth based excellence in growing your student’s communication skills in the upcoming academic year.

Competition>>  During the fall semester, student are engaged in the critical learning and practice phase.  Beginning in January the students transition into the competitive tournament season which offers venues from local all the way to National opportunities.  Our relationship with families is local training and support, direct with the families.  It is up to each family to decide in which competitions they wish to participate. But we do recognize that it is through competition which students thrive and grow their abilities & skills. Veritas is committed to the promotion of debate as an important part of of our civic and political discourse.  It is vitally important we understand and know why we believe what we believe and through competition, it spurs the students to learn, examine and understand for themselves.

Education>>  The challenge of public speaking builds sound judgment, self-confidence, and the capacity to make quick decisions under pressure.  Having to debate both sides of an issue develops mental agility and the ability to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of any position.  Debating topics of national public policy demands thorough research, investigative acuity, and a broad base of understanding.  Debating with a partner, guided by a coach & their parents, teaches adaptability and effective teamwork. Participation in speech, exposes students to a variety of presentation styles and topics while developing self-confidence, and refining oratorical skills.  All these skills stay with them and are invaluable — even essential — contributions to personal, educational and professional successes now and into their future.

Communications Club